Synonyms for Methuselah:


Methuselah (noun)
old man, graybeard, greybeard.
octogenarian, nonagenarian, oldster, the old, pensioner, centenarian, old folk, the aged, the elderly.

Other synonyms:

centenarian, octogenarian, oldster, nonagenarian, old folk, the aged, pensioner. Other relevant words:
nonagenarian, centenarian, octogenarian, oldster.

Usage examples for methuselah

  1. One would think I was as old as- as- Methuselah – Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton
  2. You talk as if you yourself were a near relation of Methuselah – The Splendid Folly by Margaret Pedler
  3. The vice- president of the Methuselah the one who attends to all their real estate, is Mr. Carkendale. – Tales of Fantasy and Fact by Brander Matthews