Synonyms for Manhoods:


men (noun)
fellows, Males, gents, bucks, Gentlemen, Chaps, boys, guys, hombres, men.

Usage examples for manhoods

  1. Oh, how peaceful and sweet appear the beginnings of life when we look back upon them from the smoking perilous battle field of manhoods labors. – Memoirs of Mrs. Rebecca Steward by T. G. Steward
  2. Those of us who stayed at home did our duty; the war could not have been won or the gallant men who fought it given their opportunity to win it otherwise; but for many a long day we shall think ourselves " accurs'd we were not there, and hold our manhoods cheap while any speaks that fought" with these at St. Mihiel or Thierry. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various