Synonyms for Intolerant:


condemnatory (adjective)
damning, incriminating, condemnatory, Implicating.
genteel (adjective)
impatient, prejudiced (adjective)
conservative, narrow-minded, bigoted, narrow, obdurate, illiberal, unforbearing, inflexible.
severe (adjective)
cutting, imperial, critical, icy, demanding, bleak, uncompromising, disciplined, blunt, brisk, stringent, fundamental, austere, stern, dry, gruff, harsh, spartan, exacting, ascetic, abrupt, chilly, cool, inflexible, correct, censorious, lean, puritanical, sharp, precise, dour, prudish, rigorous, keen, stiff-necked, frosty, curt, draconian, tart, grim, oppressive, unbending, strait-laced, obstinate, basic, strict, raw, acute, short, severe, crisp, intense, brusque, caustic, acrimonious, relentless, hidebound, spare, stark, rigid, obdurate, piquant, authoritarian, acerbic, meticulous, astringent.


closed, bloody-minded, opinionated, conservative, stubborn. accept, antigen, hypoallergenic, close-minded, allergy, anaphylaxis, intolerance, anaphylactic shock, hypersensitive, allergic, allergen. calm, attitude, impatient, fretful, unforbearing. dogmatic (noun)
intolerant (noun)
bigoted, illiberal, narrow-minded, strict, rigid, narrow.

Other synonyms:

close-minded, allergen, hypersensitive, unforbearing, antigen, intolerance, bloody-minded, hypoallergenic, closed. allergic, stubborn. fretful, conservative, impatient. biased
Other relevant words:
conservative, impatient, intolerance, close-minded, narrow-minded, opinionated, allergen, unforbearing, hypersensitive, bigoted, hypoallergenic, closed, antigen, fretful, narrow, stubborn, illiberal, prejudiced.

Usage examples for intolerant

  1. But merciless and intolerant as were the waters, Dan asked no odds of them. – Dan Merrithew by Lawrence Perry
  2. It had been easy enough, in the first intolerant passion which had overwhelmed her, to contemplate life apart from him. – The Splendid Folly by Margaret Pedler
  3. Dr. Tudor, forgive me,- but isn't it rather a pity to let oneself get intolerant – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell