Synonyms for Externalization:


manifestation, materialization, substitute, incarnation, embodiment, personification, personalization, type, objectification, substantiation, prosopopeia. embodiment (noun)
materialization, personification, exteriorization, substantiation, personalization, manifestation, objectification.
exteriorization (noun)
externalization (noun)
exteriorisation, exteriorization, externalisation.

Other synonyms:

objectification, personalization, prosopopeia. embodiment, incarnation, personification. manifestation, materialization, substantiation, type. Other relevant words:
materialization, objectification, personalization, manifestation, substantiation, embodiment, personification, incarnation, prosopopeia, type.

Usage examples for externalization

  1. We have found that in this way the externalization of the idea progresses from the condensation of the primary nebula to the production of human beings as a race, and that at this point the simple generic reproduction of the idea terminates. – The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Troward