Synonyms for Educator:


assistant professor, chair, associate professor, don, academic, fellowship, full professor, educationalist. head, teach, faculty, headteacher, headmistress, houseparent, housemaster. coach (noun)
educator (noun)
instructor, lecturer, pedagogue, mentor, trainer, educationist, professor, tutor, coach.
pedagogue (noun)
administrator, schoolmaster, educationist, principal.
person (noun)
professor (noun)
principal, pedagogue.
teacher (noun)
counselor, mentor, teacher, guru, instructor, advisor, headmaster, guide, master, trainer, professor, schoolmistress, tutor, lecturer, schoolmaster, coach.

Other synonyms:

don, fellowship, assistant professor, chair, headmistress, full professor, headteacher, housemaster, associate professor, educationalist. houseparent. faculty. academic. principal. head. Other relevant words:
chair, headmistress, teach, educationalist, faculty, academic, educationist, don, head, headteacher, housemaster, principal, houseparent, fellowship, pedagogue, administrator.

Usage examples for educator

  1. Soon after this interview I met a distinguished educator who had lately returned from the Columbia River, who told me the legend of the old chief who died of grief in the grave of his son, somewhat in the manner described in this volume. – The Log School-House on the Columbia by Hezekiah Butterworth