Synonyms for Divorce:


ex, contact, joint custody, co-respondent, access, alimony. bite off, isolate, divide off, spread-out. act (noun)
annulment (noun)
destruction, abnegation, rejection, dissolution, disavowal, neutralization, revocation, invalidation, nullification, abolishment, obliteration, Disaffirmation, refutation, repudiation, undoing, cancellation, abolition, negation, retraction, Extinguishment, denial, annulment, withdrawal, elimination, Disclamation, eradication, deletion, dismissal.
disjunction (noun)
disassembly, amputation, segregation, division, bisection, disconnection, disengagement, fissure, dissociation, dissection, incision, Disarticulation, alienation, disunity, detachment, disassociation, cleavage, rent, disintegration, separation.
divorce (noun)
disunite, disassociate, widowhood, dissociate, disjoint, estrangement, divorcement.
separation (noun)
isolation, rift.
split-up of marriage (noun)
decree nisi, severance, detachment, divorcement, rupture, dissolution, separate maintenance, dissociation, separation, breakup, parting of the ways, breach, split, disunion, break, annulment, division, partition.


alienate (verb)
distance, push away, divide, separate, estrange, disaffect, disunite, alienate.
annul (verb)
disavow, abnegate, deny, disclaim, efface, negate, repudiate, dismiss, invalidate, obliterate, Disaffirm, veto, retract, refute, neutralize, destroy, annul, undo, extinguish, dissolve, nullify, eradicate, delete, abolish, withdraw, reject, eliminate, revoke, cancel.
dissociate (verb)
rupture, excise, rend, fragment, split, halve, detach, sunder, dissociate, insulate, partition, disassociate, uncouple, cleave, part, segregate, disengage, break, disjoin, dismantle, sever, disconnect.
divorce (verb)
split, disunite, separate.
separate (verb)
disarticulate, unhinge, disassemble, remove, scissor, dissect, disaffiliate, disintegrate, slice, cut, Unglue, axe, Unfix, incise, bisect, amputate, pare, rip.
split up a marriage (verb)
nullify, annul, sever, divide, separate, disjoin, disconnect, disunite, dissociate, sunder, dissolve, cancel, part.

Other synonyms:

disunion, bite off, severance, spread-out, isolate. access. parting. dissociate

Usage examples for divorce

  1. If Mrs. Masterson chooses to get a divorce and you afterward marry her, very good. – A Man's Hearth by Eleanor M. Ingram
  2. But you are absolutely certain of your divorce – Madame de Treymes by Edith Wharton
  3. If twenty actions for divorce were given against Kitty, I should believe nothing- nothing! – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward