Synonyms for Cheap:


all (adjective)
cheap (adjective)
inexpensive, reasonable, marked down, on sale, reduced, economical, dirt cheap, competitive, half-price, at cost, bargain, budget, low price.
concerned with saving money (adjective)
penny-pinching, miserly, thrifty, tight, stingy.
disreputable (adjective)
economical (adjective)
prudent, sparing, self-denying, stingy, cheeseparing, austere, economical, dirt cheap, marked down, moderate, on sale, thrifty, frugal, parsimonious.
inexpensive (adjective)
low-priced, moderate, marked down, on sale, reasonable, irregular, economical, competitive, low-cost, reduced, bargain, budget, standard.
inferior, low in quality (adjective)
common, base, paltry, meretricious, garish, sleazy, rotten, tatty, trashy, cheesy, catchpenny, flashy, mean, poor, lousy, tawdry.
lousy (adjective)
low, vulgar (adjective)
sordid, dishonest, dirty, contemptible.
stingy (adjective)
miserly, close-fisted, penurious, Pinching, costive, Hard-fisted, tight.
vulgar (adjective)
base, revolting, common, boorish, profane, unbecoming, gaudy, crude, brutish, garish, indelicate, glaring, earthy, sordid, depraved, scandalous, repulsive, barnyard, clumsy, coarse, coarse-grained, unpolished, rough, philistine, obscene, low, homespun, raw, crass, degraded, broad, gross, colloquial, offensive, in bad taste, cockney, animal, outlandish, ignominious, ill-bred, inelegant, rude, tasteless, salty, undignified, sleazy, chintzy, idiomatic, rank, shameless, vulgar, unseemly, barbaric, brazen, ignoble, tawdry, unrefined, tactless, graceless.


allusive, backhanded, poor, bland, acrid, astringent, CODED, acid, biting, cutting. careful, dishonest, contemptible, Economies, dirty, thrift. value, money, jerry-built, downscale. miserable, schlocky, rotten, cost/pay the earth, lousy, good, cost an arm and a leg, paltry, cost a pretty penny. mean, give, penny-pinching, penurious, close, niggard, petty, miserly, close-fisted, tightfisted, costive, niggardly, Hard-fisted, Pinching, tight. cheap (noun)
crummy, affordable, gimcrack, garish, two-a-penny, bum, low-priced, catchpenny, dirt cheap, chintzy, gaudy, low-cost, stingy, bargain-priced, flash, twopenny-halfpenny, twopenny, sleazy, tacky, low-budget, meretricious, tasteless, inferior, threepenny, tuppeny, tatty, bargain, cheesy, chinchy, brassy, punk, in poor taste, nickel-and-dime, tawdry, ungenerous, sixpenny, inexpensive, flashy, trashy, tinny, loud.


moderate (verb)

Other synonyms:

costive, Pinching, penny-pinching, schlocky, backhanded, allusive, close-fisted, downscale, CODED. bland, penurious, tightfisted, poor, niggardly, Hard-fisted, miserly, economy. paltry, lousy, favorable, cutting. miserable, petty. rotten. tight. close. flimsy
Other relevant words:
economic, brassy, bland, bum, twopenny-halfpenny, meretricious, nickel-and-dime, modest, jerry-built, mean, petty, trashy, twopenny, low-cost, two-a-penny, inferior, miserly, flash, penurious, poor, gimcrack, loud, crummy, tightfisted, rotten, threepenny, lousy, close, Hard-fisted, costive, tatty, catchpenny, niggardly, low-budget, economy, cheesy, irregular, penny-pinching, miserable, allusive, dishonest, tinny, ungenerous, careful, contemptible, affordable, paltry, Pinching, tuppeny, standard, in poor taste, close-fisted, tacky, downscale, punk, schlocky, chinchy, low-priced, CODED, niggard, dirty, flashy, bargain-priced, sixpenny, tight.

Usage examples for cheap

  1. He had bought it very dear, for when in all his life had he ever bought anything cheap – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley
  2. " Somewhere cheap along the river," answered the Forgotten Man. – The Right of Way, Volume 5. by Gilbert Parker
  3. Wine and spirits are cheap and it will be very difficult to keep them from it altogether. – With Moore At Corunna by G. A. Henty