Synonyms for Capture:


ABEND, A-D conversion, authentication, batch, access time, authoring, background processing, artificial intelligence, alpha test, ai. get together, derive, nail, accept, come by. call up, burn-in, block, burn, access, cop, browse, back up, author, archive. retrieval, gathering, round up, accumulation, collection. besiege, subjugate, storm, invade. chess, grand master, bishop, chessman, gambit, chessboard, check, castle. blow up, expose, pap, photograph, focus, compose, come out. exemplify, delineate, paint, describe, profile, define, pin down, set forth, illustrate. quarantine, imprison, shut away, lock in, shut in, confine, trap, pen in, restrict. act (noun)
seizure, gaining control.
capture (noun)
catch, conquer, seizure, acquisition, enchant, get, bewitch, captivate, abduction, enamor, charm, usurp, becharm, trance, appropriation, seize, occupation, fascinate, confiscation, take over, beguile, appropriate, apprehension, gaining control, enamour, entrance.
catching, forceful holding (noun)
nab, acquisition, trapping, confiscation, catch, bag, abduction, Gaining, Obtaining, collar, apprehension, acquirement, taking into custody, grasping, occupation, winning, nail, ensnaring, seizing, grab, seizure, Securing, taking, Commandeering, laying hold of, appropriation, fall, arrest, Snatching.
taking into custody (noun)


capture (verb)
collar, win, occupy, get, secure, take, abduct, catch, obtain, gain, snare, apprehend, seize, achieve, arrest.
capturing (verb)
taking into custody, seizing, catching, taking, Corralling, Nabbing, grasping, laying hold of, fall, trapping, recovery, taking into captivity, Apprehending, acquirement, Nailing, Gaining, winning, Snatching, annexation, Obtaining, ensnaring, Commandeering, Securing.
catch and forcefully hold (verb)
net, get, snare, conquer, trap, cop, round up, secure, occupy, apprehend, land, seize, take.
contact (verb)
get, catch.
defeat (verb)
outplay, overpower, conquer, crush, triumph, defeat, overthrow, overturn, quell, trump, trounce, surmount, rout, subject, foil, checkmate, overcome, humble, beat, outdo, subdue, vanquish, master, whip, predominate.
take (verb)
harvest, impound, appropriate, bag, amass, monopolize, nab, acquire, levy, annex, confiscate, procure, commandeer, collect, grab, reap, usurp, gather, deprive.

Other synonyms:

call up, back up, gathering, chessboard, accumulation, chess, grand master, recovery, reliance, author, photograph, chessman. collection, castle, nail, dependence, bishop, cop, burn-in, subjection, trap, block, retrieval, gambit. archive, pap, shackle, round up, restraint, burn, bondage. compose. expose, access. focus, blow up. come out. check. attachment
Other relevant words:
burn, chessman, ai, bishop, focus, come by, authentication, block, ensnaring, becharm, Apprehending, fascinate, enamor, trap, gathering, chess, captivity, seizing, catching, photograph, define, Commandeering, delineate, gaining control, captivate, take over, enamour, dependence, gambit, archive, besiege, acquirement, retrieval, chessboard, castle, grasping, restrict, storm, trapping, pap, taking, Nailing, batch, laying hold of, access, confine, imprison, exemplify, collection, enchant, reliance, paint, browse, recovery, winning, Nabbing, restraint, fall, expose, Securing, charm, subjection, Corralling, accumulation, ABEND, nail, entrance, profile, derive, authoring, beguile, taking into custody, quarantine, Gaining, describe, annexation, shackle, subjugate, Obtaining, cop, illustrate, compose, bondage, invade, accept, check, Snatching, bewitch, author, trance.

Usage examples for capture

  1. Besides, if you must know it, I have a particular desire to capture the scoundrel myself. – The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett
  2. I thought we were going to capture an island. – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover