Usage examples for bloods

  1. It was excellently clever, too, of Messer Simone so to engineer his contrivance that while he seemingly included in its ranks the young bloods of every party in the state, he was able, by the wise adjustment of his machinery, to deal, or at least to intend, disaster only to those that were opposed to him. – The God of Love by Justin Huntly McCarthy
  2. The young bloods were gone, but Miss Fosby remained. – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli
  3. Swear therefore, noble friends, By your high bloods by true nobility, By what you owe religion, owe to your country, Owe to the raising your posterity, By love you bear to virtue, and to arms, The shield of innocence, swear not to sheath Your swords, when once drawn forth. – The Noble Spanish Soldier by Thomas Dekker