Synonyms for Albedo:


albedo (noun)
reflective power.
linkdef (noun)
reflective power.

Usage examples for albedo

  1. The figure he uses in his calculations for the actual albedo of the earth, 0. 75, is also not only improbable, but almost self- contradictory, because the albedo of cloud is 0. 72, and that of the great cloud- covered planet, Jupiter, is given by Lowell as 0. 75, while Zollner made it only 0. 62. Again, Lowell gives Venus an albedo of 0. 92, while Zollner made it only 0. 50 and Mr. Gore 0. 65. This shows the extreme uncertainty of these estimates, while the fact that both Venus and Jupiter are wholly cloud- covered, while we are only half- covered, renders it almost certain that our albedo is far less than Mr. Lowell makes it. – Is Mars Habitable? by Alfred Russel Wallace
  2. The electron telescope could detect its larger planets, especially a gas- giant fifth- orbit world of high albedo – This World Is Taboo by Murray Leinster