Synonyms for Alauda:


alauda (noun)
Genus Alauda.
animal (noun)
Genus Alauda.

Other synonyms:

genus Alauda
Genus Alauda.

Usage examples for alauda

  1. 1. Woodlark, Raii nomina: Alauda arborea: In January, and continues to sing through all the summer and autumn. – The-Natural-History-of-Selborne by White, Gilbert
  2. Woodlark, Alauda arborea: Suspended; in hot summer nights all night long. – The-Natural-History-of-Selborne by White, Gilbert
  3. The alauda pratensis of Ray was the poor dupe that was educating the booby of a cuckoo mentioned in my letter of October last. – The-Natural-History-of-Selborne by White, Gilbert