Synonyms for Alas:


all (adverb)
unfortunately, regrettably, unluckily.


unfortunately (interjection)
too bad, dear me, woe, gee, woe is me, oh.


ala, ARIZ, ar, al, ak, ca, BC, ark, az. I beg your pardon, my (humble/deepest/sincere etc.) apologies, I'm sorry, excuse me, pardon, if only, I/we regret to inform/tell you that, I'm afraid, I hate to say/admit. alas (noun)
unfortunately, regrettably, unluckily.
dear (noun)
too bad, gee, woe, dear me, woe is me, my God, oh, tsk-tsk, gracious me, Lackaday, Alack.

Other synonyms:

ala, al, ca, az, ar, ARIZ, ak, ark. BC. oh. Other relevant words:
ca, oh, al, az, gee, woe, pardon, Alack, ak, ar, ark, ala, tsk-tsk, Lackaday, woe is me, ARIZ.

Usage examples for alas

  1. So Gud thought he would listen to his heart beat; but alas he could not hear his heart beat for there was no time for his heart to beat to. – The Book of Gud by Dan Spain Harold Hersey
  2. But alas for Jill! – Jill's Red Bag by Amy Le Feuvre