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yams - 45 results
Examples of usage:

The Missionaries took their advice, their pigs and their yams, and I went home with them. - "The Pacha of Many Tales", Captain Frederick Marryat.

I came upon a patch of yams, the southerner's vaunted sweet potato, and fed ravenously on the milky root. - "Bolanyo", Opie Percival Read.

The climate was delightful and healthy; there were provisions in abundance- yams and bananas and plantains, cocoa- nuts and shaddocks, pumpkins and pine- apples, guavas and water- melons- indeed, all the tropical fruits and vegetables, with a good supply of pigs for meat. - "Old Jack", W.H.G. Kingston.

Similar words:

ezo-yama-hagi, yam, Chinese Yam, elephant yam, yam plant, yam bean, yam family, wild yam, white yam, water yam.

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