Synonyms for Up-to-the-minute:


contemporary (adjective)
new, recent, up-to-date, mod, au courant, current, latest, modern, topical.
new (adjective)
novel, modern, recent, topical, latest, contemporary, new, avant-garde, fresh, late-breaking, up-to-date, current.


mod, ahead of your/its etc. time, modernistic, futuristic, state of the art, hip, au courant, knowledge, advanced, space age. informative (noun)
informative, illuminating, revelatory, enlightening, instructive, educational, meaty, educative.

Other synonyms:

futuristic, au courant. mod, hip. advanced. informative
instructive, meaty, educational, informative, educative, illuminating, revelatory.
Other relevant words:
au courant, illuminating, informative, educative, hip, revelatory, modernistic, mod, space age, advanced, state of the art.