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undecomposable - 2 results
Other synonyms:

unanalyzable, simple.

Examples of usage:

Hence the existence of a class of substances which are undecomposable and therefore seem simple, appears to be an implication; and the corollary is that these were formed during early stages of terrestrial concentration, under conditions of heat and pressure which we cannot now parallel. - "Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I", Herbert Spencer.

We have to deal with will not as a single undecomposable faculty unaffected by bodily conditions, but as a result of organic changes in the supreme centres, affected as certainly and as seriously by disorders of them as our motor faculties are by disorders of their centres. - "Determinism or Free-Will?", Chapman Cohen.

Herbert Spencer, for instance, in his " Psychology," uses the term intuition in what he deems to be its " common acceptation"-" as meaning any cognition reached by an undecomposable mental act." - "Nature Mysticism", J. Edward Mercer.

Similar words:

undecomposed, undecipherable, undiagnosable, undestroyable, undeterminable, undiscoverable, undecipherably, understandable.

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