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turn over - 346 results
Other synonyms:

range, flex, roll up, feed, moot, disconcert, revoke, drift, die, view, cast, reach, evanesce, give, thumb, roam, grant, blow over, contact, spend, fleet, flood, put across, apply, throw, yield, go through, authorise, flick, bowl over, discomfit, pay, give way, cut into, sky, choke, tack, burn up, take a long hard look at someone/something, return, happen, go across, progress to, debate, wheel, contribute, get hold of, plow, release, confide, surpass, drop dead, twitch, advance, go along, slip away, look at, shut up, flip-flop, ramble, sprain, weigh, pass off, kick the bucket, devote, dig up, cave in, go past, move around, overthrow, seethe, cede, overhaul, contend, strain, revolutionise, vagabond, legislate, ferment, argue, make, swan, transcend, alternate, riff, toss, dry up, trust, lapse, get, grind, countermand, see, deal, overturn, realize, come about, work, touch, progress, hold your tongue, backfire, reckon, take something into consideration, take place, recommend, excrete, vest, study, delegate, give-up the ghost, moil, turn in, bend, pluck, engagement, stray, pitch, impart, cut out, evaluate, angle, untune, bow, get to, disturb, pass on, transmit, fall, revolutionize, kick in, break, wrick, extend to, toil, falter, wander, fade, assess, interchange, change state, fall in, entrust, stab, tramp, twist, move over, double over, comprehend, twine, draw, flip over, flap, consign, flabbergast, dig out, overstep, balance, override, fence, ease up, give up, trouble, think, decease, regard, march on, slide by, render, net, slip by, get back, run, dedicate, tip over, discompose, roll out, delve, riffle, commend, gross, grok, crouch, get together, crook, become, lead, wrench, expire, distribute, fire, gain, swage, conceive, think out, pass away, grasp, rove, help, turn something inside out, sour, accomplish, part with, pass along, hollow, transfer, drudge, get through, believe, burrow, hand, hush, top, leaf, repeal, labor, make it, perish, travail, lift, buy the farm, undulate, vacate, apprehend, wave, hap, idle, exit, sacrifice, hustle, cough up, circulate, plan, upset, chip in, rick, cash in one's chips, deform, glide by, lavish, extend, present, bring down, jab, elapse, hold, move on, strive, compass, wind, pop off, adjust, have, flip, overrule, lay down, repose, bestride, reach out, prod, hand over, tump over, flip out, knock over, boggle, cycle, sink, snuff it, establish, revolve, pass, reverse, pass around, plough, keep your mouth shut, assign, think over, change by reversal, hit, afford, fall silent, consider, bite your tongue/lip, devolve, call on, cower, arrive at, exceed, crane, grow, annul, attain, gift, eliminate, submit, overtake, leave, dig, get the picture, turn, conk, egest, deliberate, founder, roll, deliver, excavate, generate, tip up, pass by, ponder, go by, fall out, open, wrap, make pass, go on, savvy, go, give over, travel by, contemplate, relinquish, tilt, consecrate, collapse, commit, authorize, croak, labour, rescind, communicate, relegate, poke, guide, count, subvert, take, switch, achieve, turn over to, clam up, invert, occur, clear, spin.

Similar words:

turnover, turnover rate, turnround, ruddy turnstone, black turnstone.

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