Synonyms for Trudge:


hike, stroll, stride, amble, trek, saunter. wade, move, toil, slop, mosey. plod (noun)
march, tread, step, walk.
trudge (noun)
pad, slog, shack, footslog, trail, plod.


slow (verb)
crawl, dawdle, hinder, poke, loiter, linger, drag, slow, creep, plod, delay.
walk heavily (verb)
hike, tread, slog, march, wade, step, plod, trek, footslog.

Other synonyms:

stroll, trek, toil. hike, wade, slop. walk.

Usage examples for trudge

  1. Gladly I trudge the footpath way, While you and yours roll by in coaches In all the pride of fine array, Through all the city's thronged approaches. – New-Poems by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  2. I trudge along slowly and carelessly, hands in my pockets. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun
  3. And Duncan was not at all sorry to be saved that trudge of a mile in the face of those bitter blasts of sleet; and he was greatly obliged to Sir Keith Macleod for stopping his pony, and getting out his pencil with his benumbed fingers, and putting his initials to the sheet. – Macleod of Dare by William Black