Synonyms for Tidbit:


datum, fact, news, word, data, findings, report, detail, A to Z, information. delicacy, goody, dainty, morsel, ingestion, treat, good. morsel (noun)
bite, bit, mouthful, delicacy.
taste (noun)
tidbit (noun)
titbit, choice morsel.
tiny portion (noun)
bite, morsel, treat, mouthful, delicacy, titbit, bit, goody.

Other synonyms:

goody. delicacy. morsel. dainty. treat. Other relevant words:
dainty, bit, datum, news, good, mouthful, word, information, report, treat, morsel, fact, detail, goody, ingestion, bite, data, findings, delicacy.

Usage examples for tidbit

  1. He held up a little nugget of pure artemisium, and then went on: " You know that all this slope was swept as clean as a Dutch housewife's kitchen floor by the thousands of miners and prospectors who swarmed over it a year or two ago, and do you suppose they would have missed such a tidbit if it had been here then?" – The Moon Metal by Garrett P. Serviss