Synonyms for Terce:


terce (noun)
time (noun)

Usage examples for terce

  1. At nine Terce was said, which was not attended by the brethren working out of doors; at twelve Sext was said attended by all the brethren, and at twelve- fifteen dinner was eaten. – The Altar Steps by Compton MacKenzie
  2. The little ceremony of reception was carried through in Chapter before the brethren went into the Oratory to say Terce and Brother Walter was so much excited when he heard himself addressed as Brother Simon that for a moment it seemed doubtful if he would be sufficiently calm to attend the profession of Brother Anselm at the conventual Mass. – The Altar Steps by Compton MacKenzie
  3. Every drop of blood Rises with the flood, Rocking on the waves of the strain; Youth and beauty glide Turning with the tide- Music making one out of twain, Bearing them away, and away, and away, Like a tone and its terce Till the chord dissolves, and the dancers stay, And reverse. – The Poems of Henry Van Dyke by Henry Van Dyke