Synonyms for Snatches:


captures (verb)
achieves, gets, captures, apprehends, abducts, obtains, catches, arrests, takes, occupies, snares, seizes, Gains, collars, wins, secures.

Usage examples for snatches

  1. Little snatches of song bubbled. – Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl by Fannie Hurst
  2. Brooke would have liked to ask several questions, but between the clanging of the locomotive bell and the roar of steam conversation was difficult, and when they stopped a moment at the foot of the gangway Devine's voice only reached him in broken snatches – A Damaged Reputation by Harold Bindloss
  3. The animal at once snatches away his foot, holds it high from the ground, and makes pawing movements in the air. – Diseases of the Horse's Foot by Harry Caulton Reeks