Synonyms for Restrain:


bottle up, chain, direct, disturb, gag, govern, guide, handle, harness, impound, keep down, muzzle, pull back, regulate, repress, silence, stifle, tie down, come down on, keep from, sit on. delimit, imprison, lock in, quarantine, shut away, shut in, pen in. bit, in, restraint, hold-down, pull in. restrain (noun)
bound, confine, constrain, cumber, encumber, hold, hold back, intimidate, keep, keep back, limit, restrict, suppress, throttle, trammel.


contact (verb)
confine, constrain, hold.
contain (verb)
bottle up.
dissuade (verb)
admonish, avert, ban, bar, check, chill, dampen, daunt, deflect, depress, derail, deter, discourage, dishearten, disincline, dissuade, divert, inhibit, intimidate, prevent.
hinder (verb)
baffle, block, bottleneck, brake, bung, burden, catch, choke, clog, complicate, congest, constipate, constrain, counter, cramp, crimp, cripple, curb, dam, delay, detain, drag, encumber, entangle, entrap, fetter, foul, frustrate, hamper, hamstring, handicap, hinder, impair, impede, interrupt, jam, mire, obstruct, oppose, paralyze, plug, resist, restrict, snag, snarl, stay, stop, tangle, thwart.
keep under control; hold back (verb)
bind, bottle up, bridle, chain, check, confine, constrain, control, cool, curb, curtail, delimit, detain, deter, direct, fetter, gag, govern, guide, hamper, handicap, harness, hinder, hold, impound, imprison, inhibit, keep, keep down, limit, muzzle, prevent, pull back, repress, restrict, stay, subdue, suppress, tie down, sit on.
limit (verb)
border, bound, edge, end, limit, rim, terminate.
moderate (verb)
abate, alleviate, calm, compose, cool, ease, moderate, pacify, quiet, relax, soften, soothe, subdue, tranquilize.
prohibit (verb)
control, curtail, deny, disallow, disapprove, disqualify, forbid, oppress, outlaw, preclude, prohibit, refuse, reject, suppress.
restrain (verb)
bind, bridle, collar, confine, constrict, leash, shackle, tether.

Other synonyms:

shut away, shut in. imprison, muzzle, keep from, sit on, pen in. lock in, silence. disturb. adjourn
bottle up
keep back, shut in.
lock in.
bar, prohibit.
Other relevant words:
bit, bottle up, chain, cumber, delimit, direct, disturb, gag, govern, guide, handle, harness, hold, hold back, impound, imprison, in, keep, keep back, keep down, muzzle, pull back, quarantine, regulate, repress, restraint, silence, stifle, throttle, tie down, trammel, shut in, keep from, sit on.

Usage examples for restrain

  1. Walkirk was always very respectful, but he could not restrain a smile at the situation. – The House of Martha by Frank R. Stockton
  2. But she managed to restrain herself. – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht
  3. How dared these people restrain my liberty? – The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance by Marie Corelli