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reopens - 5 results
Examples of usage:

For instance, A sells his business to B, agreeing not to become a rival, but immediately reopens in the next block. - "Studies in Civics", James T. McCleary.

In point of time, the first communication to the Committee on this subject came on August 4th when a prominent banker appeared in person, and gave vent to the following oracular utterance: When the Exchange reopens it should not do business from ten till three, but should open from ten o'clock to one. - "The New York Stock Exchange in the Crisis of 1914", Henry George Stebbins Noble.

For all defence it twists about; it opens, closes and reopens the great hooks of its mandibles. - "More Hunting Wasps", J. Henri Fabre.

Similar words:

reopen, reopened, reorient, reopening.

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