Synonyms for Reminisce:


be stamped on your memory/mind, do something from memory, stick in your mind/memory, bring/call someone/something to mind. retain, think, bethink, revive, bring to mind, mind. recollect (noun)
look back, think back, live in the past.


go over in one's memory (verb)
look back, recall, remember, recollect, mind, bethink, think back, revive, live in the past, retain.
remember (verb)
recollect, recall, remember, relive, reflect.

Other synonyms:

bethink. think. revive, retain. remember
recall, mind, think, relive, recollect.
think back
live in the past.
Other relevant words:
look back, think back, retain, mind, bring to mind, revive, think, live in the past, bethink.