Synonyms for Recover:


nurse, help, survive, shake, strengthen, fight off, respond. health, reestablish, win back, recoverable. recover (noun)
retrieve, go back, recoup, reclaim, convalesce, recuperate, regain, find.


come along (verb)
improve (verb)
look up, sharpen, help.
intensify (verb)
obtain (verb)
earn, collect, reach, realize, seize.
perk up (verb)
invigorate, shake.
possession (verb)
regain, retrieve, find.
recover (verb)
increase, get over, revive, redeem, refresh, reclaim, recapture, catch up, rescue, get back, pull through, overcome, rally, retrieve, perk up, better, come around, rejuvenate, restore, convalesce, regain, pick up, mend, win back, recuperate, gain, salvage, recoup, renew, grow.
refresh (verb)
invigorate, renew, rally, rejuvenate, recuperate, recharge, resuscitate, exhilarate, reinvigorate, enliven, restore, freshen, recoup, refresh, stimulate, divert.

Other synonyms:

monetize, ease off, claim back, wrap, win back, recoverable, reestablish, redeem, appropriate, snap out of it, insulate. earn, smother, revive, fight off, perk up, improve, look up, survive, get back, cash in, collect, coat. respond, mend, pull through, crown, bury, catch up. blanket, rescue. nurse, pick up, come to. grow, top. cover, shake. gain. cheer
perk up.
get back
recoup, retrieve.
come around.
get over.
make up for.
get back, regain, win back, recapture.
retrieve, salvage.

Usage examples for recover

  1. " Then there came the time when Mr. Grell sought me out and paid me to attempt to recover his letters. – The Grell Mystery by Frank Froest
  2. They saw his hat blow off and that he did not pause to recover it. – Roy Blakeley in the Haunted Camp by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  3. From this time the story of my life is little more than the story of a woman's vain efforts to recover her lost place in the world. – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins