Synonyms for Recount:


calculate, prove, project, compute, assess, determine, estimate, reckon, add up. rehearse, campaign, electioneering, disenfranchise, advance poll, words, relate, election, beauty contest, by election, elect, direct elections, chad. exemplify, set forth, profile, illustrate, delineate, paint, pin down, set out, define. list (noun)
ledger, documentation, book, daybook, count, budget, lexicon, detail, yearbook, record, waybill, Bank book, catalog, list, schedule, total, account, diary, census, store, summary, annual, annals, logbook, sum, scrapbook, register, blank-book, roster, dictionary, novel, file, menu, journal, tablet, chronicle, log, workbook, check, table, bill, registry, tabulate, history, docket, tally, invoice, index, album, recording, collection, calendar, scroll, treasury, roll, itemization, notebook, cash book, thesaurus, score, manifest, statement, digest, enumeration, inventory, repertory, Storybook, pad.
prose (noun)
narrative, saga, fable, storyline, serial, romance, parable, anecdote, novella, episode, scenario, reminiscence, tale, allegory, yarn, prose, fiction, story, short story, prosaicness, legend, epic, myth, reading matter, retelling, plainness, plot.
recount (noun)
narrate, tell, spin, recite.


communication (verb)
tell, narrate, recite.
list (verb)
document, itemize, note, summarize, enumerate, audit, Journalize, collect.
relate (verb)
convey, give an account of.
report (verb)
report, narrate, tell, describe, portray, retell, state.
tell a story (verb)
portray, state, report, relate, delineate, itemize, detail, describe, convey, enumerate, narrate, tell, recite, rehearse, give an account of.

Other synonyms:

rehearse, relate. Other relevant words:
words, compute, assess, paint, convey, set forth, delineate, recite, project, rehearse, elect, profile, exemplify, illustrate, spin, disenfranchise, add up, campaign, chad, give an account of, determine, estimate, election, reckon, relate, calculate, prove, define, electioneering.

Usage examples for recount

  1. It would be tedious to recount the unbroken series of brilliant entertainments at which Prescott was the guest of honour. – William Hickling Prescott by Harry Thurston Peck