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recitations - 11 results
Examples of usage:

" If, on the other hand, the sub- teachers are not expected to give the lesson, but only to teach certain opening recitations, then you have the spectacle of employing a dozen or twenty persons to do the work of one. - "The Chautauqua Girls At Home", Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden.

53. At every corner let us hiss 'em; And as for recitations,- miss 'em. - "A Collection of College Words and Customs", Benjamin Homer Hall.

I was conscious that she watched all my movements out of the corner of her eye, and at recitations it was she, who, when I hesitated and was lost, bending her head down so as not to be observed by the teacher, whispered softly the right word and saved me from shame. - "Confessions of Boyhood", John Albee.

Similar words:

recitation, recantation, recusation, recission, reception, recapitulation, reciprocation, recuperation, recondition, recognition.

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