Synonyms for Oppress:


wrong (adjective)


kick around, grind down, do someone wrong, mistreat, shove around, hit out. dismay, disturb, right, hang over, wound, distress, stab, wrong, upset, aggrieve, outrage. depress, deject, weigh down, dispirit, sadden, happy. oppress (noun)
crush, persecute, suppress, harass.
trouble (noun)
bother, strain, plague, smother, lie on, go ill with, put-upon, keep under, depress, press down, study at wrong, dispirit, burden with, trample, keep down, abuse, dishearten, beat down, encumber, handicap, saddle, worry, vex, take liberties with, hound, overload, maltreat, annoy, wrong, bear hard upon, hamper, ride roughshod over.


depress, subdue (verb)
beat down, abuse, strain, handicap, sadden, hound, worry, crush, distress, suppress, wrong, saddle, dishearten, smother, annoy, persecute, overload, encumber, keep down, overcome, maltreat, trample, plague, dispirit, aggrieve, rule, outrage, vex, harass.
dominate (verb)
conquer, triumph, lord, prevail, overcome, oversee, preside, dominate, vanquish, surmount, predominate, master, win, succeed, command, subordinate, better, rule.
oppose (verb)
counteract, challenge, rebuff, check, inhibit, impede, hinder, conflict, suppress, intercept, obstruct, interfere, protest, confront, cross, counterattack, meddle, repulse, counter, object, resist, repel, repress, defy, dispute, antagonize, contradict, oppose, fight, disagree.
prohibit (verb)
block, restrict, prohibit, restrain, deny, curtail, ban, disqualify, control, curb, reject, constrain, preclude, prevent, refuse, disallow, bar, outlaw, disapprove, forbid.

Other synonyms:

maltreat, trample, mistreat, grind down, kick around, deject, shove around, hit out. dispirit, sadden, keep down, depress, abuse. depress
beat down, weigh down, keep under.
push down
weigh down.
weigh down
press down, overload.
Other relevant words:
deject, aggrieve, sadden, saddle, upset, annoy, crush, encumber, outrage, keep under, right, distress, happy, grind down, trample, disturb, dispirit, harass, abuse, dishearten, hamper, beat down, keep down, weigh down, handicap, wound, wrong, ride roughshod over, vex, lie on, press down, worry, overload, depress, bear hard upon, mistreat, persecute, plague, hound, dismay, bother, go ill with, maltreat, smother, stab, strain.

Usage examples for oppress

  1. Its crudeness, the uncouthness of its people; the emptiness, the monotony, began to oppress her. – 'Firebrand' Trevison by Charles Alden Seltzer
  2. Thou shalt not oppress a stranger. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society