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naught - 61 results
Other synonyms:

zipper, cypher, zippo, nada, postcode, not a living soul, vigor, nix, null, zip fastener, no one, energy, slide fastener, nothing, solitary, cipher, postal code, nil, not a single, o, none, zip, vigour, oh, zero, zilch, secret code, no, not anything, goose egg, cryptograph, aught, zero point.

Examples of usage:

I am ready to visit your country with naught save this in my hand, and he pointed to the butterfly net that leaned against the fence behind him. - "Allan and the Holy Flower", H. Rider Haggard.

What's written in the stars is written, and naught that I can do will change it. - "The Little Colonel at Boarding-School", Annie Fellows Johnston.

" I could naught else," he said, looking into her face. - "The Stolen Singer", Martha Idell Fletcher Bellinger.

Similar words:

good-for-naught, naughty, naughts, nauch.

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