Synonyms for Lures:


decoys (noun)
Deceptions, Blinds, tricks, Traps, decoys, mirages, baits.
foci (noun)
crossings, lodestars, essences, plenums, souls, Forums, axles, Cruxes, kernels, polestars, Rallies, hearts, bottlenecks, Epitomes, centers, cores, gatherings, hubs, magnets, asymptotes, intersections, spirits, Nuclei, Foci, funnels.
motivations (noun)
impetuses, impulses, Stimuli, Drives, prods, Energies, motivations, incitements.
pitfalls (noun)
mousetraps, firetraps, chasms, pitfalls, deathtraps, Vortexes, hazards, quicksands.
rewards (noun)
Bounties, sweepstakes, Carrots, awards, tributes, wages, considerations, gifts, Grants, prizes, honoraria, Plums, inducements, enticements, tips, Incentives, stipends, compensations, temptations, amends, payments, gratuities, allotments, allowances, Sweeteners, Rewards, Bonuses, treats, Remunerations.


acquires (verb)
scores, lands, secures, obtains, retrieves, reaps, collects, nets, captures, receives, wins, claims, catches, bags, acquires, pockets, buys, fetches, palms, heaps, annexes, takes, accumulates, wrangles, garners, corners, procures, purchases, incurs, harvests, amasses, assumes, gets, adds.
attracts (verb)
drags, invites, seduces, charms, pulls, attracts, engrosses, captivates, draws, allures, entices, enchants, magnetizes.
decoys (verb)
decoys, tricks, Traps, baits.
rewards (verb)
tempts, pays, honors, compensates, remunerates, Gives, induces, sweetens.
seduces (verb)
tempts, invites, seduces, entices.

Usage examples for lures

  1. Charybdis is another divine Homeric female who lures men to ruin. – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck
  2. The idea that there may be something in the dim arches held up by the round columns of the beeches lures the footsteps onwards. – The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies by Walter Besant