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licorice - 61 results
Other synonyms:

candy apple, bubble gum, candyfloss, candy cane, candy bar, chew, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, center, liquorice.

Examples of usage:

Proprietor died, the cows turned to ox- beef, and were eaten in London along with flour and a little turmeric, and washed down with Spanish licorice- water, salt, gentian and a little burned malt. - "Love Me Little, Love Me Long", Charles Reade Edition: 10 Language: English.

The following makes an excellent cough remedy:- Powdered licorice, 1 ounce. - "The American Reformed Cattle Doctor", George Dadd.

The former one tinfoil company is divided into two, one of $ 825, 000 capital and the other of $ 400, 000. The one snuff company is divided into three companies, one with a capital Of $ 15, 000, 000, another with a capital of $ 8, 000, 000, and a third with a capital of $ 8, 000, 000. The licorice companies are two one with a capital Of $ 5, 758, 300 and another with a capital of $ 200, 000. There is, also, the British- American Tobacco Company, a British corporation, doing business abroad with a capital Of $ 26, 000, 000, the Porto Rican Tobacco Company, with a capital of $ 1, 800, 000, and the corporation of United Cigar Stores, with a capital of $ 9, 000, 000. Under this arrangement, each of the different kinds of business will be distributed between two or more companies with a division of the prominent brands in the same tobacco products, so as to make competition not only possible but necessary. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present", Various.

Similar words:

licorice fern, licorice stick, licence, Occupation Licence, off-licence, Driving Licence, Fishing Licence, Hunting Licence, Driver's Licence.

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