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jezebel - 49 results
bad person (noun)

reprobate, swine, pig, devil, rascal, bastard, heel, slut, backslider, lowlife, criminal, rapscallion, scamp, pimp, slattern, miscreant, slob, villain, pervert, rogue, hog, scoundrel, malingerer, shyster, lecher, blackguard, knave, degenerate, traitor, bad guy, tramp, bitch.

Other synonyms:

minx, vamp, bimbo, wench, whore, scarlet woman, fancy woman, nymphomaniac, chippie, slag, doxy, trollop, hoochie, hussy, tart, swinger, quean.

Examples of usage:

In December died " the young King of France, husband to our Jezebel- unhappy Francis . - "John Knox and the Reformation", Andrew Lang.

And he cursed the King, and the King's mother, calling her Jezebel. - "Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France", Stanley J. Weyman.

31, where Jezebel says to Jehu, " Hast thou peace, Zimri, murderer of his master?" - "Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions, v. 1", Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg.

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