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jack-o'-lantern - 46 results
light source (noun)

fire, incandescent light, pilot light, spotlight, neon light, sun, moon, light bulb, star, headlight, arc lamp, table lamp, beacon, flare, klieg light, mercury-vapor lamp, floodlight, fluorescent light, flashlight, oil lamp, lamp, floor lamp, tungsten lamp, candle, torch, street lamp, flame, moonbeam, light, illuminator, lantern, taper, searchlight, desk light.

Other synonyms:

chandelier, Japanese lantern, candlestick, Chinese lantern, will-o'-the-wisp, ignis fatuus, jack-o-lantern fungus, candelabra, Omphalotus illudens, friar's lantern, jack-a-lantern, gaslight.

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