Synonyms for Invent:


start-off, bear, turn out, bring about, think up, improvise, catalyze, dream up, author, set off, coin, ad lib, trigger. lie, deceive, misstate, mislead, trump up, equivocate, bend the truth, Misspeak, conjure up, misrepresent, make believe, falsify, feign, simulate. personalise, streamline, draw up, individualize, reengineer, personalize, come up with, engineer. invent (noun)
contrive, devise, fabricate, manufacture, formulate, cook up, excogitate, forge, make up.


compose (verb)
compose, combine, compile, constitute, embrace, include, embody.
create (verb)
develop, build, construct, fabricate, formulate, make, form.
create, think up (verb)
envision, cook up, conceive, author, make, improvise, design, dream up, inaugurate, coin, plan, initiate, execute, bear, contrive, originate, turn out, come up with, produce, hatch, make up, form, forge, formulate, imagine, compose, devise.
fabricate (verb)
lie, simulate, misrepresent, falsify, trump up, feign, think up, make believe, equivocate, conjure up, misstate.
imagine (verb)
ideate, consider, opine, imagine, reflect, contemplate, think, suppose, brainstorm, observe, theorize, envision, fantasize, perceive.
originate (verb)
initiate, commence, originate, create, institute, induct, generate, inaugurate, begin, produce, hatch, start, introduce.
plan (verb)
blueprint, aim, design, coordinate, scheme, chart, intend, anticipate, conceive, arrange, plan, premeditate, contrive, expect, plot, propose.
pretend (verb)
produce (verb)
mother, cultivate, father, execute, manufacture.

Other synonyms:

misrepresent, reengineer, individualize, Misspeak, mislead, bring about. streamline, conjure up, catalyze. personalize, set off, come up with, deceive. trigger. lie, engineer. ad-lib
ad lib.
ad lib
make up, initiate.
dream up, devise.
give birth
ad lib.
make up
Other relevant words:
excogitate, coin, trigger, think up, reengineer, bring about, forge, improvise, dream up, conjure up, simulate, misrepresent, falsify, feign, equivocate, deceive, come up with, make up, devise, mislead, bear, author, cook up, draw up, streamline, Misspeak, misstate, engineer, lie, trump up.

Usage examples for invent

  1. " The fact is," he had said to himself, " my imagination is too active, and I am ready to invent horrors and troubles which are never likely to exist." – The Man with a Shadow by George Manville Fenn
  2. Who but poor Margolotte could have managed to invent such an unreasonable being as I? – The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum