Synonyms for Inconsistent:


absurd (adjective)
ridiculous, contradictory, invalid, self-contradictory, outlandish, preposterous, ludicrous, inane, absurd, senseless, irrational, fallacious, anachronistic, illogical, bizarre, implausible, nonsensical, eccentric, idiotic, incongruous, paradoxical, farcical, foolish, crazy, silly, impossible, meaningless.
changeable (adjective)
inconstant, variable.
chaotic (adjective)
messy, frantic, insane, cluttered, discomposed, inchoate, chaotic, frenzied, blurry, indistinct, lawless, disarrayed, muddled, formless, undisciplined, lax, disordered, indefinite, disorderly, fuzzy, jumbled, anarchistic, tumultuous, embroiled, irregular, obscure, perturbed, rambunctious, shapeless, deranged, inexact, loose, Disintegrated, incoherent, uneven, anarchical, disconnected, disorganized, amorphous, out of control, unruly, tempestuous, wild, deformed, confused, disheveled.
conflicting (adjective)
contradictory, irregular (adjective)
discordant, inconstant, at odds, unpredictable, changeable, erratic, variable, irreconcilable, temperamental, incoherent, mercurial, illogical, incongruent, uncertain, contrary, conflicting, discrepant, incompatible, unstable, incongruous, fickle, capricious.
different (adjective)
unusual, unlike, at odds, unalike.
disagreeing (adjective)
discrepant (adjective)
dissimilar (adjective)
discordant, disparate, aberrant, distinct, unalike, contrary, heterogeneous, opposite, dissimilar, different, unlike, divergent, nonuniform.
exceptional (adjective)
unique, uncustomary, un-ordinary.
incoherent (adjective)
dispersed, noncontiguous, discontinuous, disjointed, lax, nonuniform, non-cohesive, unconsolidated, fuzzy, loose, nonadhesive, detached, incoherent, sporadic, broken, divergent, disconnected, disarticulated.
irregular (adjective)
irresolute (adjective)
indecisive, infirm, impulsive, ambivalent, shy, unsure, shifty, halfhearted, changeable, spineless, vacillating, shrinking, hesitant, irresponsible, fly-by-night, dillydallying, Flitting, irresolute, Shilly-shally, erratic, insipid, uncertain, fickle, undecided, unwilling, watery, double-minded, volatile, capricious, unresolved, yellow, weak, undependable, tentative.
loose (adjective)
unfastened, discontinuous, slack, unattached, nonadhesive, non-cohesive, disconnected, broken, lax, disarticulated, non-adherent, limp, loose, non-coherent, flaccid, incoherent, disjointed, detached.
nonconforming (adjective)
peculiar, improper, odd, crosspatch, eccentric, irregular, crazy, incompatible, bizarre, nonconforming, oddity, deviant, quirky, idiosyncratic, untypical, off, extraordinary, mismatch, fey, incongruous, oddball, atypical, unique, funny, unusual, singular, strange, uncommon, unconventional, divergent, novel, outlandish, aberrant, misfit, out of the ordinary, anomalous, erratic, freakish, abnormal, different, uncustomary, unfamiliar, un-ordinary, deranged, curious, exceptional.
temperamental (adjective)
uncontrolled (adjective)
unintelligible (adjective)


alternative, various, contrasting, diverse. flimsy, untrustworthy, suspect, feckless, unreliable, ditzy, unsteady, variable, patchy, same, continue. change, temperamental, ticklish, fantastical, whimsical, unstable, mercurial, unpredictable, fantastic, inconstant. agree, incongruent. inconsistent (noun)
discrepant, incompatible, at odds, irreconcilable, unreconcilable, conflicting, spotty, uneven, incongruous, contradictory, unreconciled, self-contradictory, unconformable.

Other synonyms:

feckless, incongruent. mercurial, unpredictable. variable, flimsy, temperamental, unreliable, whimsical, inconstant, fantastical. ticklish. fantastic, unstable, unsteady. suspect. sketchy
Other relevant words:
diverse, unreliable, change, fantastic, flimsy, contrasting, spotty, fantastical, incongruent, same, inconstant, unstable, agree, patchy, conflicting, suspect, unreconcilable, at odds, mercurial, discrepant, ditzy, continue, unpredictable, ticklish, untrustworthy, temperamental, unconformable, variable, alternative, various, whimsical, irreconcilable, unreconciled, feckless, unsteady.

Usage examples for inconsistent

  1. I will endeavour to do so, but I hope it will not be inconsistent with them if you will leave me alone with my poor friend in this garden for an hour. – The Club of Queer Trades by G. K. Chesterton
  2. Our Government is oddly inconsistent in this matter of official dress. – The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Last Updated: February 18, 2009