Synonyms for Impoverish:


damage, spoil, stain, mar, mark, exhaust, injure, disfigure, hurt, ruin, take its toll, bankrupt, harm. ascent, disestablish, money, come out, comedown, break, climb, beggar, clean out, descend, pauperize, acquire, bust. drain, deplete, sap, increase, give, rich, use up. impoverish (noun)


change (verb)
make poor (verb)
bankrupt, ruin, deplete, exhaust.

Other synonyms:

pauperize. deplete, bankrupt. exhaust. drain. bust. break. ruin
clean out, ruin, pauperize.
Other relevant words:
beggar, sap, increase, bankrupt, disfigure, mar, pauperize, deplete, disestablish, descend, exhaust, damage, stain, comedown, ascent, spoil, ruin, mark, bust, use up, clean out, acquire, harm, money, give, rich, drain, hurt, injure, break.

Usage examples for impoverish

  1. They may enrich or they may impoverish his personality. – The Five Great Philosophies of Life by William de Witt Hyde
  2. And is it not a pity to impoverish our county by making the bulk of its land useless? – The Squatter and the Don by C. Loyal