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impedes - 114 results
Examples of usage:

All Troy impedes Their landing, and the shores defends. - "The Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidus Naso in English blank verse Vols. I & II", Ovid.

If I had my way about it, there would be no passports, no customs, no visitors' passes, no anything that impedes free movement of people across the borders. - "Nan Sherwood on the Mexican Border", Annie Roe Carr.

The longing for ignoble things; The strife for triumph more than truth; The hardening of the heart, that brings Irreverence for the dreams of youth; All thoughts of ill, all evil deeds That have their root in thoughts of ill; Whatever hinders or impedes The action of the nobler will;- All these must first be trampled down Beneath our feet, if we would gain In the bright fields of fair renown The right of eminent domain. - "Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul", Various.

Similar words:

impeded, impede, impetus, imperil, impious, implied, implode, impeding, Pinguinus Impennis, self-imposed.

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