Synonyms for Goulash:


fricassee, hummus, minestrone, antipasto, coq au vin, houmous, humus, lasagna. food (noun)
hamburger, Hungarian Goulash, soup, peanut butter sandwich, stew, Chow Mein, salad, flapjacks, sandwich, hors d'oeuvre, pizza, eggs, Scrambled eggs, tomato soup, course, boiled eggs, fried eggs, dish, dessert, burrito, quiche, taco, tortellini, egg roll, enchilada, Irish Stew, main course, gulyas, spring roll, casserole, leftovers, pie, Meat Loaf, chicken soup, omelette, stir fry, spaghetti, fondue, pasta, poached eggs, jambalaya, lasagne, hard boiled eggs, macaroni, pancakes, ravioli, macaroni and cheese, soft boiled eggs, cannelloni, ragout, side dish.
goulash (noun)
gulyas, Hungarian Goulash.
meat dish (noun)

Other synonyms:

Hungarian goulash
Hungarian Goulash.
coq au vin, hummus, fricassee, antipasto, lasagna. Other relevant words:
fricassee, Hungarian Goulash, hummus, lasagna, antipasto, gulyas.

Usage examples for goulash

  1. A great deal of this food supply was sent in the form of canned meat, popularly known as goulash and so to- day whenever an automobile passes on a Danish road, the small boys call out " goulash Baron," in the belief that the occupant is a new- made millionaire, enriched by trade with Germany. – Face to Face with Kaiserism by James W. Gerard