Synonyms for Foreclose:


compound interest, financier, extension, exclude, deprive, creditworthy, borrowing power, creditworthiness, debt collector, borrowing, shut out, bar, creditor. seize, impound, expropriate, confiscate, dispossess. foreclose (noun)
forbid, preclude, prevent, forestall.


exclude (verb)
shut out, prevent, preclude, bar, deprive.
social (verb)
forbid, preclude, prevent, forestall.
take away the right to redeem a mortgage (verb)
seize, impound, expropriate, confiscate, dispossess.

Other synonyms:

compound interest, creditworthiness, creditworthy, debt collector, borrowing power, financier, creditor. borrowing. extension. Other relevant words:
creditworthiness, seize, exclude, deprive, dispossess, shut out, financier, creditworthy, impound, creditor, confiscate, borrowing, bar, expropriate, extension.

Usage examples for foreclose

  1. Whatever the legal rights of a bondholder, under the terms of his contract, the legal fact itself often is, under the growing practice of receiverships, that he cannot exercise his right to foreclose without such difficulty that it doesn't pay to do it. – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.