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dim-witted - 81 results
Other synonyms:

chuckleheaded, thickheaded, half-witted, unsubdivided, simple-minded, softheaded, knuckleheaded, retarded, vacuous, simple, dim, silly, dunderheaded, oafish, unintelligent, elementary, thick, slow, witless, empty-headed, dorky, soft, bonehead, boneheaded, dull, airheaded, mere, pinheaded, mindless, brain-dead, thick-witted, unproblematic, uncomplicated, bare, senseless, lunkheaded, lamebrain, dense, childlike, obtuse, dewy-eyed, opaque, round-eyed, birdbrained, unsmart, wide-eyed, slow-witted, weak-minded, fatuous, bubbleheaded, gormless.

Similar words:

diminished, diminished arch.

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