Synonyms for Diabetic:


consumptive, case, the critical list, bed-blocker, agoraphobe, amnesiac, depressive. anorexic, dehydrated, agoraphobic, concussed, anemic, brain dead, anaemic, arthritic, asthmatic. chilled, crispy, buttery, caramelized, chewy, crisp, calorific, cool, cream. diabetic (noun)
ill, sick.

Other synonyms:

agoraphobic, the critical list, brain dead, arthritic, bed-blocker, amnesiac, anemic, consumptive, concussed, agoraphobe. depressive, dehydrated, anorexic, asthmatic. case. Other relevant words:
brain dead, buttery, caramelized, amnesiac, case, asthmatic, cool, chilled, agoraphobic, anaemic, arthritic, calorific, crispy, anorexic, consumptive, concussed, cream, depressive, agoraphobe, anemic, chewy, dehydrated, bed-blocker, crisp.