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Other synonyms:

Czechoslovakian, Czechoslovak.

Examples of usage:

In leafy nooks between these, uphill walks begin their climb of the mountains, from the foot of votive shrines set round with tablets commemorating in German, French, Russian, Hebrew, Magyar and Czech, the cure of high- well- borns of all those races and languages. - "Their Silver Wedding Journey", William Dean Howells.

Then, during the late Mr. Chamberlain's 'Peace in our time, ' he picked up a refugee Czech chemist and foods- expert named Anton Varcek, who whipped up a lot of new products. - "Murder in the Gunroom", Henry Beam Piper.

Part of the Ruthenian army crossed the Czech frontier and was disarmed, the remainder melted away, and there remained no enemy with whom to conclude an armistice. - "The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference", Emile Joseph Dillon.

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Czech Capital.

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