Synonyms for Counters:


markets (noun)
Warehouses, chains, stores, stock exchanges, supermarkets, bazaars, marts, shops, depots, fairs, markets, offices, Emporia, Bureaux, department stores, convenience stores, stalls, establishments, Groceries, market places.
tables (noun)
captain's tables, dining tables, kitchen tables, lamp stands, consoles, coffee tables, nightstands, dressers, turntables, tables, Benches, sideboards, workbenches, desks, round, buffets, tea tables.


answers (verb)
explains, retorts, echos, counter-accuses, Replies, answers, comes back, responds, expounds, acknowledges, countercharges, returns, rebuts, counterclaims.
defends (verb)
saves, shields, Buffers, Guards, wards, averts, shelters, secures, defends, opposes, argues, fends, polices, screens, barricades, backfires, supports, protects, bars, upholds, covers, safeguards, sustains, counterattacks.
defies (verb)
counteracts, crosses, dares, challenges, affronts, resists, countermands, defies, confronts, Faces, rebels, dissents, contravenes.
hinders (verb)
paralyzes, snags, thwarts, constrains, chokes, bungs, catches, brakes, mires, hamstrings, baffles, restrains, impairs, bottlenecks, blocks, entraps, crimps, congests, snarls, constipates, Delays, dams, complicates, entangles, jams, cripples, detains, curbs, frustrates, hampers, interrupts, stays, fouls, clogs, encumbers, drags, plugs, burdens, deters, Cramps, fetters, stops, tangles, restricts, handicaps.
opposes (verb)
fights, meddles, contradicts, rebuffs, hinders, oppresses, objects, interferes, disagrees, intercepts, conflicts, repels, obstructs, inhibits, impedes, protests, antagonizes, disputes, repulses, represses, suppresses, checks.
retaliates (verb)
reciprocates, avenges, reprises, redresses, repays, revenges, exchanges, returns fire, retaliates.

Usage examples for counters

  1. The centre, in each division, contains tables and counters for the display of cloth, cotton, stuff, and linen of all descriptions. – A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume One by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
  2. Through the huge plate glass window of the telegraph office, the man in gray could be seen standing at one of the counters – The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt