Synonyms for Controlled:


controlled (adjective)
effected, supervised, lead, Bridled, dominated, Steered, Presided, Superintended, ordered, governed, harnessed, ruled, directed, Piloted, disciplined, Managed, administrated.
limited (adjective)
limited, restricted.
orderly (adjective)
prohibited (adjective)
banned, restricted, barred, suppressed, forbidden, Curtailed, Refused, Precluded, rejected, outlawed, prohibited, restrained, constrained, Disallowed, disapproved, Denied, blocked.
regulated (adjective)
ordered, structured, organized, supervised, governed.
reserved (adjective)
contained, self-controlled, inhibited, under control, composed, restrained, disciplined, Self-restrained, calm, cool, unflappable.
restrained (adjective)
impeded, under control, confined, Bridled, bound, Hindered, restricted, Leashed, restrained, inhibited, Collared, shackled, constricted, constrained, tethered, Detained.
unexcitable (adjective)
impassive, aloof, steady, numb, stoic, demure, apathetic, tranquil, poker-faced, serene, calm, inscrutable, even-tempered, detached, nonchalant, mild, moderate, passionless, stolid, meek, composed, unflappable, easygoing, unexcitable, frigid, placid, self-controlled, deadpan, unhurried, stoical, cold-blooded, dispassionate, self-composed, staid, level-headed, reserved, neutral, imperturbable, cool.


noncommittal, Self-restrained, restraint, tactical, well thought out, provisional, workable, aggressive, impracticable, strategic, foolproof, preparatory. passive, unresponsive, emotionless, blank, undemonstrative, unemotional. finite, restrictive, limiting, exclusive, specific, within limits, prohibitive. controlled (noun)
pressurized, regimented, under control, restricted, under the thumb of, contained, obsessed, priest-ridden, price-controlled, ridden, dominated by, disciplined, harnessed, dominated, possessed, in hand, limited, pressurised.


commanded (verb)
held, grasped, coordinated, charged, Griped, Reigned.
controlled (verb)
Managed, Piloted, Steered, Commanded, Superintended, disciplined, supervised, Overseen, Oversaw, Presided, governed, dominated, harnessed, executed, Administered, led, ruled, Bridled.
dominated (verb)
surmounted, Succeeded, Bettered, Overcame, overcome, Lorded, won, Prevailed, conquered, vanquished, Triumphed.
influenced (verb)
empowered, pressured, powered, Influenced, Predominated, motivated, Swayed, affected, biased, prejudiced, authorized, mastered.
ordered (verb)
framed, planned, classified, Collated, ordered, mediated, prepared, Scored, placed, ranked, supported, designed, orchestrated, integrated, arranged, schematized, organized, cast, pigeonholed, fixed, set, Righted, harmonized, stratified, shaped, Marshalled, Rated, Sifted, stabilized, grouped, structured, regulated, unsnarled, scheduled, unified, normalized, balanced, Charted, composed, typed, Subordinated, graded, Schemed, arrayed, separated, Devised, formed, adjusted, categorized, Methodized, sorted, established, Classed, programmed, rationalized, settled, plotted, Screened, systematized, maintained.
prohibited (verb)
inhibited, Prevented, disqualified, curbed, oppressed, Forbade.
restrained (verb)
constricted, restrained, Collared, Detained, restricted, tethered, bound, Bridled, Leashed, Hindered, inhibited, shackled, constrained, impeded, confined.

Other synonyms:

passive, Self-restrained, emotionless, directed, undemonstrative, unemotional. noncommittal, restraint. unresponsive. blank. Other relevant words:
Self-restrained, passive, unemotional, limited, pressurized, obsessed, restraint, ridden, emotionless, unresponsive, possessed, pressurised, in hand, price-controlled, priest-ridden, undemonstrative, contained, regimented, under control, noncommittal.

Usage examples for controlled

  1. All this Lord Silverbridge understood, but had said to himself and to all his friends that it was a matter in which he did not intend to be controlled – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  2. Is it not evident to you that she is made of such stuff that she will not be controlled in her choice,- even by your will? – The Duke's Children by Anthony Trollope
  3. Mr. James Smith had by this time fully controlled the emotion he felt as he recognized his wife's name and handwriting, and knew that at last the clue was found! – Openings in the Old Trail by Bret Harte