Synonyms for Conform:


adhere to, recognize. match, accord, amount to, parallel, consist, chime, quadrate, check, jibe, have something in common (with something), approximate, accord with, bear/stand comparison (with), tally, correspond, square, comport with, fit, harmonize. go with, befit, steer a course, suit, be your normal self, become, revert to, conduct yourself, treat, discipline yourself, behave, compensate. reconcile, tailor, fashion, acclimatize, change, acclimate. attune, coordinate, tune, proportion. mind, same, keep, carry out, follow, abide by. conventionalize, usual, stylize. conform (noun)
adjust, adapt.


adjust, adapt (verb)
comply, integrate, mind, proportion, fit, suit, quadrate, follow the crowd, fall in with, coordinate, toe the line, follow, reconcile, play the game, yield, observe, tune, harmonize, keep, attune, run with the pack, be guided by, obey, square, tailor.
agree (verb)
bless, promise, contract, acquiesce, sanction, endorse, concur, accede, stipulate, empathize, cooperate, consent, agree, assent, approve, welcome, capitulate, affirm, pledge, accept.
cohere (verb)
connect, bind, stick together, fuse, cohere, cling, integrate, solidify.
comply (verb)
defer, comply, bend, adhere, kowtow, yield, obey, bow, cede, fulfill, respect, succumb, surrender, cave, submit, knuckle under, observe, genuflect.
conform (verb)
mimic, ape.
correspond, match (verb)
fit in, accord, fit the pattern, jibe, assimilate, agree, tally, be regular.
homogenize (verb)
level, homogenize.
obey (verb)

Other synonyms:

conventionalize, keep to, keep up with the Joneses, recognize, treat, compensate, abide by, adhere to, acclimatize, mind, behave. coordinate, harmonize, consist, jibe, befit, tailor, follow. chime, attune, correspond, accord, assimilate. fit. proportion, become. reconcile. keep. adapt
adapt, acclimate.
assent, jibe, fall in with, quadrate.
fit in.
live up to, obey, be guided by, adhere to.
comport with.
toe the mark.

Usage examples for conform

  1. She is a most faithful servant, and one, of whom it affords me pleasure to say, that I believe she endeavors to conform to the great principles of her faith, and I believe she will be an exemplary and honorable member of your church, should you think proper to receive her as such. – The History of the Negro Church by Carter Godwin Woodson
  2. He never thinks of obedience from her, but rather studies to conform himself to her most lightly- spoken wish. – Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches by T. S. Arthur