Synonyms for Cider:


chartreuse, cordial, liqueur, kirsch, mead, absinthe, gin, maraschino. bitters, angostura, cappuccino, chocolate, Chai, americano, buttermilk, brew, club soda. cider (noun)
food (noun)

Other synonyms:

bitters, cappuccino, cordial, chartreuse, kirsch, mead, maraschino, liqueur, angostura, americano, buttermilk, Chai, gin, club soda, absinthe. chocolate. brew. Other relevant words:
americano, cordial, maraschino, buttermilk, gin, kirsch, angostura, chartreuse, mead, bitters, chocolate, Chai, cappuccino, absinthe, liqueur, brew.

Usage examples for cider

  1. " If Saint- Labre," remarked Pille- Miche, " would only change into cider the blood we shall shed to- night the citizens might lay in a good stock to- morrow." – The Chouans by Honore de Balzac
  2. Get your fresh sweet cider – Pee-wee Harris by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  3. That's cider all right! – The Bobbsey Twins in the Country by Laura Lee Hope