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Other synonyms:

Caribbean language, Carib Indian.

Examples of usage:

Not in the hideous, dyed affairs of our summer porches, with their miserable curved sticks to keep the strands apart, and their maddening creaks which grow in length and discord the higher one swings- but in a hammock woven by Carib Indians. - "Edge of the Jungle", William Beebe.

Eyre was not punished, but the island was made a crown colony in 1866, and given representation in the legislature in 1886. In the island of St. Vincent, Indians first sought to enslave the fugitive Negroes wrecked there, but the Negroes took the Carib women and then drove the Indian men away. - "The Negro", W.E.B. Du Bois.

But who is this that follows in his track; under the same national sky, surrounded by the same institutions, and yet with those pinched features, that stunted form, that villainous look; is it Papuan, Bushman, or Carib? - "Humanity in the City", E. H. Chapin.

Similar words:

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