Synonyms for Bulb:


anemone, bulbil, protuberance, flash bulb fluorescent, swelling, daffodil, nub, sun lamp floodlight, crocus, narcissus, halogen, bud, head, onion, soft-white, easter, corm, ultraviolet, gladiolus, blade, mercury-vapor, snowdrop, anther, plant, flower, hyacinth, nodule, beanstalk, boll, bunch, jonquil, aerial root, bulge, black light, tumor, amaryllis, knob, tubercle, infrared, incandescent, light, spring-flowering, tube, strobe light or strobe, bur, corn, tuber, two-way, globule, tiger, camas, ball, bract, three-way, spider. reflector, lampshade, globe, filament, light fixture, mantle, dimmer, sconce. bulb (noun)
incandescent lamp, light bulb, medulla oblongata, electric-light bulb, lightbulb, medulla, electric light.
globular object (noun)
knob, corm, ball, bunch, globe, head, corn, tuber, tumor, nodule, swelling, protuberance, nub.
vegetable (noun)
plant, tuber.

Other synonyms:

boll, sconce, bract, blade, tuber, aerial root, light fixture, bud, beanstalk, lampshade, anther, filament. flower, dimmer, globe, reflector. mantle. swelling
Other relevant words:
corn, amaryllis, plant, mercury-vapor, tubercle, narcissus, onion, bulge, swelling, jonquil, halogen, gladiolus, infrared, globule, anther, bulbil, corm, boll, snowdrop, tube, nub, head, spider, easter, anemone, filament, two-way, hyacinth, soft-white, ultraviolet, nodule, ball, bud, reflector, dimmer, light, tumor, bunch, crocus, sconce, flower, blade, daffodil, spring-flowering, globe, protuberance, knob, incandescent, three-way, beanstalk, lampshade, bur, bract, mantle, camas, tiger, tuber.

Usage examples for bulb

  1. A suitable thick- walled bulb is to be blown on the small tube, as in the case described above. – Laboratory Manual of Glass-Blowing by Francis C. Frary
  2. He looked about for some means of reaching the bulb above his head. – Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective by Ellis Parker Butler
  3. Everything at last to his satisfaction he gripped flash pan and bulb – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various