Synonyms for Brainstorm:


buffoonery, crank, tomfoolery, frivolity, thoughts, antics, shenanigans, aberration, stunt. commitment, ideal, philosophy, faith, belief. commentary, exploration, inquest, negotiation, discussion, argument, talks, debate, exchange, consultation. canvass, consult, argue, talk through, talk, negotiate, discuss, clear the air. brainstorm (noun)
insight, brainwave.
cognition (noun)
insight, brainwave.
idea (noun)
ideation, image, inspiration, inkling, thought, consideration, notion, principle, opinion, conception, reflection, plan, design, concept, supposition, observation, theory, idea, vision, perception.


imagine (verb)
contemplate, imagine, consider, reflect, think, suppose, conceive, envision, fantasize, invent, observe, ideate, create, perceive, opine, theorize.
problem-solve (verb)
create, plan, think, invent, conceive.

Other synonyms:

frivolity, crank, tomfoolery, stunt, antics, shenanigans. aberration. create
Other relevant words:
consult, crank, insight, frivolity, stunt, antics, shenanigans, brainwave, ideal.

Usage examples for brainstorm

  1. " That's really a brainstorm Clee," Belle sneered. – The Galaxy Primes by Edward Elmer Smith