Synonyms for Blue-ribbon:


all (adjective)
excellent (adjective)
first-rate, fine, quality, champion, select, terrific, superb, banner, ace, tiptop, top, splendid, superior.


adrift, terrific, rival, brag, good, tophole, undone, prime, champion, splendid, first class, dandy, behind, winningest, bully, quality, top, capital, first-rate, excellent, prize-winning, tiptop, swell, topflight, winning, boss, ace, nip and tuck, superb, a-one, fine, topnotch, great, banner, award-winning. decent, incredible, tremendous, wonder, exceptional. gold, bronze, cup, ribbon, bronze medal, gold medal, gong, medal. blue-ribbon (noun)
select, superior.

Other synonyms:

medal, undone, bronze medal, topflight, rival, topnotch, nip and tuck, award-winning, winningest, a-one, tophole, gold medal, prize-winning, behind. excellent, gong, winning, first class, first-rate. champion, adrift, tiptop, ribbon, bronze, prime, dandy. fine, great. gold, splendid, terrific, boss. cup. quality. Other relevant words:
dandy, quality, first class, award-winning, a-one, superb, swell, banner, adrift, fine, champion, bully, prime, topflight, winningest, great, brag, terrific, prize-winning, topnotch, capital, top, splendid, ace, excellent, tophole, tiptop, boss, first-rate.