Synonyms for Beda:


Beda (noun)
St. Bede, Saint Bede, Saint Baeda, baeda, bede, The Venerable Bede, St. Beda, St. Baeda, Saint Beda.

Other synonyms:

the Venerable Bede
The Venerable Bede.
Other relevant words:
St. Bede, St. Baeda, St. Beda.

Usage examples for beda

  1. His chief agent in this great work of enlightenment was Alcuin, who was educated at York under Egbert, who had been a disciple of Beda – Anglo-Saxon Literature by John Earle
  2. Of this abbey Beda became an inmate in his seventh year, under Abbot Biscop. – Anglo-Saxon Literature by John Earle
  3. I admit that, if we look only to the plain and straight- forward meaning of Beda this refinement is unnecessary. – The Ethnology of the British Islands by Robert Gordon Latham